History: History of our company reaches year 1967, when Mr. Ireneusz Matoga Decided continue family tradition and established manufacturing production of metal goods; padlocks, locks, curtain rods. From 1991 already as civil law partnership we began distribution in new political system. From that moment, company past over many phases of development. Becomes as general partnership company, step by step increasing range of our activity, reaching new markets and makes wider offer of products. From 2001 we started to Cooperate with suppliers from the Far East, and from 2004 with success in the developed markets of European Union countries. Long term cooperation with your clients, today is a prove of our well done work.


Now: Today IRMA Ltd. Is a group of 4 firms, Which strongly Cooperate together, assuring IRMA dynamic company development. In 2010 we opened new, much larger main office. That thanks to allow expand the sales department, and our customers are serviced much faster and efficiently. We have comfortable car parking available for our clients, who receives the goods by them selves. New bigger warehouse with capacity of 6000 pallets allows us to keep a full stock for over 15 000 positions ready to be send as orders.


What we do:
We concentrate on supplying mainly trading posts, shops and wholesalers. We also provide delivery chains, professional advisement and full after sell service . Thank to the company's potential we are able to give attractive payment terms for our regular customers and Provide full service. We Cooperate with over 2000 regular customers per year and repeatedly many more clients who cooperate one ore more times. We are exclusive distributor of brands XL-TOOLS PRO-TECH, TORNADO, METALKRAFT and ATOM.

What we do not do:
- We do not place orders to suppliers, just after receive order from customer. Products in 99% of cases are already in our warehouse, or on the way to customer.
- We do not do retail sales. This is job for shops, not for wholesalers.

Clients: We welcome cooperation for shops, production facilities and wholesalers. We serve with professional consulting, so we are flexible and opened to clients needs.

Suppliers: We are engaged in wholesale purchase of goods - all suppliers who are interested are welcomed to show us Their offers. We are large and stable company with share capital of 4,000,000 PLN, what is the best guarantee of our solvency.

Why is it worth it...: We provide many years of experience in manufacture of metal products, distribution and knowledge about our customers expectations. We follow the Principles of merchants solidarity. In critical Situations we are fully engaged in help for our customers.

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